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If you are looking for some specialty font and not a hackneyed typeface, you can find it here. The fonts I designed do not show up in every publication. 

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Unique Guilloche Design

The high-quality guilloche line systems I design have the following features:

• High-quality detailed vector material, “banknote quality”
• High aesthetic value
• Custom graphic solutions
• Combination of positive and negative elements
• Design of complex elements or details
• Use of variable line width
• It is impossible to reproduce by photocopying or redrawing
• PMS colours

unique pink guilloche rosette
benhodosi guilloche infinite rosette

What is Guilloché?

The name, as Guilloché, is French. Guilloche refers to all anti-counterfeit design elements that are used for security purposes. Guilloche is a pattern of subtle thin lines interwoven according to the rules of geometry. It includes all wavy decorative lines and graphic patterns which are primarily used on banknotes and securities. The use of Guilloche lines might in itself prevent the counterfeiting of products (e.g. certificates, diplomas, gift vouchers, tickets, packaging). In addition to having anti-counterfeit functions, guilloche can also be applied for decorative purposes, as it aesthetically enhances the appearance of the product and represents added value of “monetary nature”.

Guilloche never gets old

Over the past 200 years, it has mainly been used in the field of anti-counterfeiting. In the 21st century, more complicated guilloche systems can be designed and displayed due to the development in printing technology. Aesthetically, the application of guilloche is of primary importance, as its vintage appearance conveys elegance and exclusivity to the products, thus increasing their value.

Blue Guuilloché Font Rosette

Guilloche Backgrounds

The ideal application area of guilloche backgrounds is the production of special background printing systems. They can be used for designing various security prints, certificates and packaging materials. The protective element ensures increased security. Guilloche backgrounds can also be applied as decorative graphic elements. They are made of high quality vector material, the colour and size of which can be easily changed.

benhodosi guilloche-backgrounds
benhodosi white-brandprotection

Brand Protection

By using various security elements, I provide effective graphic solutions against counterfeiting.

• Overt Security Solutions:
Guilloche patterns and guilloche background prints, rosettes, holograms, micro texts, unique fonts and embossed prints

• Invisible Constant Information:
M-Icon and UV paint
It requires the use of simple tools, such as a magnifier, a microscope or a UV lamp.

The combined application of the above-mentioned technologies increases the level and effectiveness of brand protection.

"Good design is making something intelligible and memorable.  Great design is making something memorable and meaningful."

Dieter Rams

Security Graphics

The most important protective tool is the special custom line system based on the graphics carefully integrated into the combination of security elements and the background printing system.

• Unique guilloche elements
• Relief
• Micro text
• Positive/negative elements
• Variable line width

The technology applied during the design process, the subtlety of resolution, the combination of positive and negative elements significantly increase protection against copying.

benhodosi security-print-design-5-principle

Security Design

Design of security prints by using special printing technology solutions. Documents and prints equipped with anti-counterfeiting elements.Integration of special graphic security functions into the existing design or creation of a completely new layout according to the customer’s needs. The design of aesthetic, decorative custom guilloche requires a high-level of professional know-how and precision. Throughout my career, I have met the following professional requirements: 

• Custom design
• High aesthetic standard
• Protection against counterfeiting
• High quality

The documents are tailored to the customer’s needs, by using up-to-date security elements. As for printing technology, further security solutions can be incorporated upon request. E.g.: Holograms, UV prints, special inks, OCR code.

benhodosi guilloche-screved

"The details are not the details. They make the design."

Charles Eames

Security Documents

The most commonly used solutions are the following:

Relief background print:
A network of capillary lines of various width that gives a 3D effect to the surface of the print. The background print can feature different graphics. E.g.: Portrait, landmark, logo, text, etc...
By applying different line width, higher quality can be reached.

Negative and positive guilloche plait:
Capillary lines with dark or light background. The extremely aesthetic design hampers digital copying.

Micro text:
Micro text is a hidden element of an originally elaborate graphic. Its main role is to render the reproduction of the given graphic more difficult and recognise counterfeiting carried out with a colour photocopier.

Guilloche background print:
A pattern consisting of subtle capillary lines, typical of securities. It is often colour gradient.

Iris printing:
The hues determining the characteristic colour of the print vary in the rosette. This technique further increases the security level, highlighting the beauty of the document decorated with guilloche elements.

benhodosi security-label-green-closeup
benhodosi linewidth-schwarzenegger-tansparent

Line-width modulation

A sophisticated and constantly changing line structure by means of which different picture and text effects can be designed through the mathematical manipulation of the width, length and height of lines. Line-width modulation not only makes the design unique and custom, but it also increases security. The resulting image is easily perceptible to the naked eye. The unique linear pattern of the image is discernable only under microscope. It is only the designer who knows the image used for the creation of the mathematical pattern, which further enhances security.

Its combined application with the relief technique enables the creation of emboss effect prints. The image appears to be bulging out of the plane of the surface. By increasing the output resolution, the security function can be strengthened.

Security Labels

Protect your products by using security labels. Custom security labels prove the originality and uniqueness of your products, therefore customers will look for them and purchase them with confidence in the future. Apart from their security function, labels also have a significant advertising value. They raise the customers’ awareness of the products, and stimulate purchases. I design custom security labels for my customers, by applying a combination of various security elements. All labels have a beautiful and aesthetic design, and are of premium quality.

benhodosi security-label-tay-stamp

"Quality is not an act, it is a habit."


benhodosi vintage certificate

Multipurpose Certificates

I offer a wide range of exclusive custom certificates and certificate templates. The design of my certificates worthily represents the holder’s achievement. In whole or in part, these diplomas not only reflect the rank of the person who hands them over, but also the level of the performance of the recipient. I strive to create certificates that awardees can proudly show to other people or hang on their wall.

I offer a great variety of classic, modern and professional certificates that can be awarded to people excelling in in various areas. Illustrated with guilloche and relief patterns, my certificates can be adapted to the specific needs of institutions and organisations. The use of custom typography gives a more special and unique appearance to the certificates. I undertake to fulfil individual needs and orders.

ID cards

Whether you are looking for security ID cards for your business and your employees, cards for an organization, or loyalty cards for your customers, I will create a beautiful card design.

I offer a full range of unique card design services.

• CR80 - Standard ID cards
• CR79 ID cards
• Extra Long “Xtended” cards
• CR100 ID cards
• Key Tag cards

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Handcrafted in Europe

"Good design is good business."

Thomas J. Watson

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